Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland

St. Patrick’s College

Description: Protected Structure - St. Patrick’s College Constructed Mid 1800’s 

Client: Kelbuild Construction

Project Activity: Lead Roof Refurbishment / Disassemble Stone Chimneys and Rebuild.

Assignment: Design, Construct and Deconstruct Roof Scaffold Access.


Design and construct off-site a full-scale representative model of dormer structures.

Scaffold access to facilitate roof works only.

A methodology of constructing a scaffold system rising from ground level to roof level would clearly have exceeded what was required. 

Design, construct and install Rigid Gantry Platforms to span between dormer roof structures at a height of 18m above ground level.

To develop a safe system of scaffold assembly and installation.

Engineered Solution:

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Stage 1. Design Stage
A picture containing sky, outdoor, ground

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Stage 2. Off-Site Development, Testing, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for Complex Structures
A snow covered bridge

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Stage 3. On-Site Construction Stage
A castle on top of a building

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Stage 3. On-Site Construction Stage
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Caragh, Naas, Co. Kildare.
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