Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland

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Shackeltons Flour Mill

Description: Protected Structure / Seven Storey Stone Building Constructed in the Early 1800s
Project Activity: Design and Construct Truss-Out Scaffold Structure to Facilitate Re-Roofing Project

Scaffold Challenges: 
Scaffold operatives working at a height over fast flowing River Liffey
Structural complexities within the activity location.
To develop a safe system of work that would enable scaffold operatives to work within a safe zone during installation of scaffold structure. 

Method of Work:
Design and construct a compact truss-out scaffold structure to be fully supported from a stone wall structure 1500mm below eaves level. 
Our Design Engineers develop a truss-out structure employing a hinge system to connect the steel beam sections/needles and strut brace to operate as a scissors mechanism. 
This enabled a pair of needles and struts to be projected through the window opening as a single unit with the struts dropping vertical upon exiting the window. 
Steel cables were fixed to the free ends of the struts prior to the hinged unit being projected through the window to facilitate the struts being tensioned into position against the fabric of the building. 
Tie backs were fitted to the projecting needles.
The steel cables were attached to horizontal tubes mounted on the needles which acted as a pair of winch drums. 
The winch drums were rotated in a counter clockwise motion to tension the cables and in turn draw the struts into contact with the building facade.
The winch mechanism was then locked up to hold the struts in the fixed position.
With the primary structure in place the external scaffold was then established.
Boarded platform was slotted in between IPE needles to provide a safe working environment for operatives constructing external beam works. 


Where a project falls outside the boundaries of conventional scaffolding methods, Scaffold Elevation has the engineering ability to design bespoke scaffolding and access solutions. With the provision of 3D or 2D drawings showing a sufficient level of detail to overcome complex requirements that a specific project may present. This ensures that the safety control measures are considered at design stage to eliminate risk during construction stage and provide a safe and functional temporary structure.
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